Group introduction

Yuan Tong Global Financial Group Limited (“Yuan Tong Global”) is everyone’s platform, wholly run in a commercial operation mode without any political restraints, works with PRC corporates, policies driven business and direction to merge with a combination of a talented team to propose and lead multiple-winning solutions. Through this we enhance the synergy of China – Hong Kong relationship, focusing on the “One Belt; One Road” theme and seek our ASEAN countries as our working partners, so as to initiate a round of economical business opportunities, aiming to establish a “Silk Road Fund”.


Our subsidiaries include Yuan Tong Global Securities Limited and Yuan Tong Global Asset Management Limited. Both are licensed entities under the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”), servicing SFC regulated activities under Type 1 (Dealing in Securities), Type 4 (Advising on Securities) and Type 9 (Asset Management). Yuan Tong Global was established since 2017 where its core focus on securities business, providing securities trading, financing for corporates, placement on securities and a wholistic asset management financial servicing solution. Putting an aim in the Greater China area as our core market segment, backing us up with a well experienced team with global exposure, focuses on the economy in China, and captures the opportunities that are brought by the globalization of the commercial and capital market.


Our team tries the best to cater the investment needs for both individual and corporate clients, offering a comprehensive service on securities and fixed income trading and selling, covering the local, Chinese and the overseas markets. Leveraging on the seasoned experiences, a sensitive market take as well as a phenomenal research team working with our capable sales force, Yuan Tong Global is aiming to shine and contribute in the corporate capital market segment in the foreseeable future.